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 From the Chief:
March 2009
We are now beginning to develop the next 5-year strategic plan for the Arizona Judicial Branch.  Times have changed since we last embarked on this journey, and electronic communication now allows us to reach out and seek ideas, insight, and experience from many sources – judges, clerks, administrators, staff, volunteers who serve on court committees, and members of the public. 
We have created this site – which includes Blogs, Forums, and a calendar – as an innovative way to elicit that input. In these difficult economic times, it may become increasingly challenging to deliver timely, effective justice and court services.  These serious economic constraints should not dampen our spirit and desire for continuous improvement and commitment to service.  These trying times provide the motivation and opportunity to look within and re-evaluate our services to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our consumers and using our resources in the best ways possible. 
With these goals in mind, we begin the development of this agenda.  The process will require us to venture into uncharted territory to discover new ways of conducting the business of the judiciary, employing technological advances and, in large part, doing away with paper-based practices.  We invite you to join us in re-visioning court services and processes, using the Blogs to track the progress of this effort and the Forums to provide comments.